What are Syntactic Sugars?

  • Compound Assignment Operators are syntactic sugars of…

  • Backends rely on cookies to validate user sessions.
  • Cookies in the response need to be extracted and stored against the “domain” to be used in the sub-sequent requests.
  • Cookies set for…

What is a Free-form Programming Language?

Git Credentials Avoiding Repetition

  • Static configuration of usernames for a given authentication context.
  • Credential helpers to cache or…

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What is Concurrency?

What is Multithreading?

Thundering herd problem

  • You…

Regular Expressions in JavaScript

  1. MySQL Connector / J (MySQL JDBC Driver).
  • Currently, all container based deployments of WSO2 products
    (ex: Resources for Docker Compose Or Container orchestration platforms such as, Kubernetes) use MySQL as the default RDBMS.
  • Hence, WSO2 product Docker images are shipped with the MySQL Connector / J prepackaged, to avoid the hassle of requiring to include the MySQL JDBC driver during a quick start deployment.
  • WSO2 products (Carbon version 4 based) use WSO2 Kubernetes membership scheme for member…


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