Destroying the evidence of a Crime Scene: Debugging the Codebase.

Debugging is like a murdered hunting the crime scene for the evidence he/she has left. It is a discipline which develops critical and analytical thinking. This thought process can be applied to many aspects of life.

Here are few Debugging Rules

  1. Never approach with preconceived ideas.
    Don’t trust what others say, no one knows the codebase thoroughly.
    Only trust the logs.
    Don’t assume this can’t go wrong. Everything has a breaking point.
  • First, we need to identify the source of corruption and the corrupted entity.

14. Look out for Performance Issues.
If you are very unlucky you might have hit on a Performance issue. Performance issues are very hard to reproduce and might occur intermittently.

  • For debugging performance issue we need to first identify the baseline test. This is a sample unit test which could be easily run and verify the slowness.

15. There is always one more bug.
Finally, always assume there is at least one more bug. Never think, the bug you found is the final one.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!!! Feel free to leave your comments below.

Senior Software Engineer @WSO2, B.Sc.(Hons).Computer Engineering

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