Injecting System properties to Integration Studio-Embedded WSO2 MI Runtime

In this blog let us explore how we can read System properties from a property file (stored in the system) and pass them as arguments to the Integration Studio’s Embedded MI runtime.

When using a General WSO2 MI Server (not the embedded runtime) we can point the properties file to the MI Server by appending the following argument to the micro-integrator.bat/ file,


MI will read the system properties from the properties file and they can be referred in the mediation flow.

To do the same with the Embedded runtime in the Integration Studio follow the below steps,

  • You should run the server at least once using Integration Studio (otherwise the Micro Integrator 1.20 entry will not be displayed under Generic Server).
  • Navigate to Run -> Run Configurations section.
Select Run Configurations…
  • Then select the Micro Integration Server 1.2.0 under the Generic Server.
Select the Micro Integrator Server 1.2.0
  • Navigate to the Arguments tab and add the following lines to the end of VM arguments section,
Point the custom configuration file to VM arguments

Please refer to the WSO2 Official Documentation [1] for further details on injecting parameters using file.

Thank you for reading!!!


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